Welcome back! We hope you had an enjoyable long weekend with good company, good times, and good food. Speaking of food...this week’s RunWithTobe podcast features experienced UX and UI designer and recent founder of Food People, Eren Emre. Listen to the podcast to hear Eren explain where it all started for him, his view of the design and development process,  up-and-coming trends in the UX industry, and his approach to marketing and branding his recent startup.


  • Eren’s background and how he got into the UX industry
  • Comparisons and correlations between UX/UI design and marketing
  • Psychology of UX/UI
  • Biggest trends in the UX/UI industry
  • Company culture and its short and long-term effects on growth
  • The birth of Food People
  • Eren’s approach to marketing and branding Food People


Eren Emre IG | Food PeopleFood People IG

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