Aly Yale | February 05, 2019

It’s no secret that video content is important.

According to Cisco, by 2021, 80 percent of web traffic will come from videos alone. Considering that’s just two years away, the time is now to hop on the video bandwagon and start generating some content — or risk getting left behind.

Getting Started with Video Marketing

If you’re a newbie to the video marketing game, you’ll likely want some help along the way, and an agency that has production capabilities is a great place to start. But not all agencies are created equal (nor are they all the best fit for your needs and budget).

Here’s what to keep on your radar when vetting potential marketing agencies to produce your videos:

Video Marketing Expertise

Marketing expertise is a given with any agency, but video marketing expertise and the capability to produce your video content in-house? Now that’s a real value-add. You don’t want your videos to just look good — you want them to persuade, convince, and convert your viewers too, and that takes savvy, marketing know-how. An agency that is able to produce your videos in-house allows for a better final product, that delivers on your specific marketing goals, as a result of alignment between its production and marketing teams.  Of course, you won’t just want to take their word for it, so make sure they have client testimonials to back it up.

A Great Reel

The proof is in the pudding, right? A good video marketing agency is only as good as the videos it has produced. If the agency you’re considering doesn’t have a public reel on YouTube, Vimeo, or their website, then ask to see a few examples. Do they look professional and high-quality? Are they memorable and shareable? Do they convey the tone, look, and feel your brand is going for? You should specifically ask for videos in your industry or niche if they have any.


What results has the agency’s video content delivered? More sales? More conversions? More visibility in search engines or on social media? If they can’t provide data surrounding past client videos, ask if they have metrics to prove their own internal video efforts are successful. (After all, any agency worth its salt is using video to promote their own services, too.)

Attentive Service

Great videos aren’t cookie cutter, and they take a lot of attention to detail, communication, and getting to know you as a client. If an agency brushes you off or makes you wait days on end for a returned call or email, then you’re probably not going to get the attention your video needs to be successful. Look for an agency that’s inquisitive, asks questions, and is easy to communicate with from the start.


Is the agency just in it to crank out videos and make some cold hard cash? Or do they actually seem excited by their jobs and passionate about the creative process? Lack of passion can certainly shine through — especially in a visual medium. Make sure you’re choosing an agency that’s excited to tell your story and work with your team.

Don’t be afraid to interview several agencies before settling on one. Remember, they’re going to make content that represents you and your brand to the world, so choosing the right one — one who believes in what you do and has the skills and expertise to deliver — is vital.

Need an Agency to Jumpstart Your Video Strategy?

Want video content that not only looks great but delivers results, too? Consider Tobe.

At Tobe Agency, we don’t just do video. We help our clients with their entire end-to-end marketing strategy. Get in touch today, and let’s learn more about each other!

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