Aly Yale | February 12, 2019

Written reviews are great, but footage of a real-life customer sharing their story? As a brand, you can’t put a value on that.

Video testimonials have the ability to trigger emotions, build trust, and lend clout to your brand in a short span of time. They also lead to better message retention in the long run.

In fact, according to a report from Insivia, customers will recall only about 10% of the information in a written review. On the other hand, video testimonials have a whopping 95% message retention rate.

Throw in the fact that videos are more easily shared, better for SEO, and preferred by most C-level executives, and what more could you want in a marketing strategy?

Why Customer Testimonial Videos Matter

Video testimonials aren’t just a nice-to-have these days; they’re downright necessary if you want your brand to appear as a trusted, reputable business.

All in all, video testimonials can:

Build Trust, Confidence and Credibility in Your Brand

Reading a written review can certainly assure potential customers that your products are high-quality and your service is great, but nothing drives it home like hearing it all straight from an actual customer. The trust is amplified if the customers sharing their story is super relevant and relatable to the viewer.

Broaden Your Reach

Video reviews are more shareable than written ones — plain and simple. They’re easy to post and share on Facebook or Twitter, upload to YouTube, send in an email, or show to a friend on your phone. All of that put together means a broader reach and a wider net of potential customers. (Videos also help your SEO efforts, too — expanding your exposure even further).

Humanize Your Business

Customer videos put a face to your brand and make you relatable, relevant, and more appealing on a human level. They evoke emotions and help establish strong connections with your viewers, which leads to higher brand loyalty (and more business) down the road.

It’s also important to remember that the majority of people are visual learners. Not only do people retain more information from video content, but they actually prefer to see it in that medium as well. According to Animoto, four times as many customers want to see a video about a product than read about it. What’s worse? A shocking 25% will actually lose interest if your company doesn’t use product or service videos.

How to Create Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos

Truly effective customer testimonials aren’t $5 fakes you purchase from someone on Fiverr, nor are they a grainy phone video of some random you found on Yelp.

In order to ensure your testimonials get the most traction, build the most trust, and lend your brand real credibility, you need to think carefully about:

The Customers You Choose to Feature

Make sure the subject is relatable and well-spoken, and that they have a great story to tell. You want someone who viewers can truly relate to.

Who Produces Your Video

Consider a professional agency with experience in producing video testimonials. The videos don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, but customers these days can recognize quality (and the lack thereof). Make sure you have the tools and expertise on your side to deliver that.

Where the Video Will Live

Choose how you will deliver and distribute your videos carefully. Will you post it on your website? On social media? On YouTube? Have a strategy for how, when, and where you will share your testimonials for best results.

Want help creating customer testimonial videos that really connect with and convert leads? Let Tobe Agency guide the way. Our experts are here to help.

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