Andrew Hong | July 10, 2018

Today’s consumers are inundated with content. Everywhere they look, there’s another blog post, another eGuide and another PDF to read.

It can be overwhelming (and time-consuming), to say the least.

Sometimes, people just don’t want to sit down and pore over 2,000 words on your company’s history, nor do they have the time to sift through months and months of posts just to get an answer to their question. They want answers, and they want them fast and easily digestible.

In short, they want videos.

Videos Can Save the Day

Videos let you share information in an engaging, interactive way, and they stand out from the neverending content overflow that today’s consumers deal with. They’re more visually interesting, too, but unlike infographics and charts, they’re able to convey much more information in that same visual medium. 

Essentially, they offer a one-two punch that 1) catches the user’s eye and 2) delivers the information they’re looking for in an interesting and engaging way.

So, now that you know you should be using videos to ramp up your online presence, what types of videos should you focus on? Here are the three must-haves you’ll want to start with:

1. A Branded “About Us” or “Who We Are” Video

Customers want to know who they’re doing business  with — what the company stands for, how deep their experience is and why they should choose that organization over another competitor out there. Though you could do all this on a static “About Us” page (and you should), not everyone has time to sit down and read all that content. It’s also not very engaging, and it can be hard to truly convey your brand voice, values and style in print alone.

Use your “About Us” video to enhance your static webpage and create an emotional, engaging connection with your customers. Have company representatives discuss why they’re passionate about their company’s efforts, bring in customer service team members to talk about client satisfaction, and include past customer testimonials and reviews to instill trust in the viewer.

Here’s an example from Salemtown Board Co, a skateboard company based out of Nashville:


2. A Product or Service Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a great way to give an overview of your service — how it works, how it integrates with the customers life and how it can solve their problems — or you can even use them to demo your products. This can be extremely helpful if you have a particularly complicated product that needs set-up or it’s something new and innovative that the customer may have never seen before.

Ultimately, the goal with explainer videos is to offer a visual and audio aid that can help potential customers understand 1) what your products/services do 2) why they need your products in their lives/how they can solve a problem they have and 3) how to use them. If you have multiple product or services lines, you can create multiple explainer videos and have one on each landing page.

Fair is an app that lets you get a car straight from your phone, and they do a superb job of explaining their product in this short video:


3. A Video Highlighting Your Team, Founders, Employees, etc.

Customers like to get a peek behind the curtain — to put a face to a name and really understand the inner workings of the companies they do business with. Use videos to showcase your unique team members, executives and employees, and let their personalities really show.

This will give potential customers an idea of who they’ll be working with, while also showing off your unique company culture and voice. Giving them a look behind the scenes may also help build long-term brand loyalty, and you could even use the videos in future recruiting efforts internally. It’s a win-win for everyone.

SnackNation does a wonderful job of this,showcasing their workplace flair with this video:

Add Videos to Your Arsenal

Content marketing isn’t going anywhere, but no one ever said all that content should be written. In fact, it shouldn’t.

Keep things interesting, engaging and exciting with regular video content, and differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack with more creative marketing efforts. We even devoted a full episode on our podcast to diving deeper into the growth of digital video.

Want help creating the right videos for your brand? Get in touch with us!

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