Aly Yale | July 11, 2019

You’ve heard of growth marketing. In fact, your competitors just hired a growth marketing firm last month. 

Is it something you should jump on, too?

The truth is growth marketing can be beneficial for any organization. And if your competitors are already implementing key strategies, it’s probably time to get in the game. But if you’re still on the fence, there are five telltale signs you can look out for:

1. Your marketing efforts are at a standstill.

Have you been using the same methods and strategies for some time now? Have your results stalled out? Have you been operating at status quo for a while? A growth marketer can jump-start your efforts and get the ball rolling again—and for good.

2. Your efforts are super siloed.

Do you have separate departments for design, copy, analytics, and web design, with very little overlap between them? Growth marketing can bridge the gaps and ensure every effort is working together to create a cohesive message and achieve the same goals.

3. Your data is an afterthought.

Are you only using data after the fact? Are you just running weekly or monthly reports because higher-ups require it? Growth marketing relies on data to drive every strategy, every campaign, and every effort. It leverages metrics to troubleshoot problem areas, hone in on best-practice strategies, and drive your campaigns to success.

4. You’re not retaining customers.

Bringing in sales, but not clinching those repeat customers just yet? Too busy trying to attract new business to nurture your existing leads and clients? Growth marketing can help there, too. In growth marketing, we take a holistic approach to your sales funnel, focusing not just on bringing in customers, but retaining them (and keeping them satisfied) for the long haul.

5. Your assets are lackluster.

Is your marketing collateral falling flat? Is it behind the times or just not as innovative as you’d like it to be? Growth marketing is all about creativity—in design, strategy, and approach. It focuses on telling a story and doing so in an organic and authentic way that resonates with today’s consumers. 

Are you considering growth marketing for your business? Reach out to Tobe and meet our growth marketers today. We’re here to help.

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