Andrew Hong | June 27, 2018

Sometimes, the best way to find success is to follow in the path of others who have gone before you.

That’s certainly true when it comes to social media.

Social media marketing has so many facets and possibilities – not to mention constantly evolving tech – that it’s almost impossible to forge your own strategy without a little inspiration from other industries and organizations.

Want to make sure you’re staying relevant with your social media marketing? That you’re using your platforms to their fullest? Take a page from these industry-leading companies’ books:

Snow Sports: Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain is a ski resort in California, and with over 330,000 followers and thousands of likes on every post, they’ve got their Instagram strategy down pat.

Here are just a few of the things that make their approach stand out (and successful):

  • They use really great creative. Their photos are stunning and really catch your eye. And the best part? They’re not all professional, staged ones. They include lots of phone photos and even pictures shot by real-life customers, and they also use a blend of videos, still imagery and landscape shots to mix it up a bit and keep things visually interesting.

Mammoth Mountain 1Mammoth Mountain 2

  • They leverage influencers. Mammoth Mountain doesn’t just use great influencers – they let them takeover their account and curate timely, relevant content that really resonates with their customers. As an example, they previously did a takeover with Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim!
  • They engage followers. The brand always has someone on staff to respond and engage with followers, whether it’s to answer a question or just comment on a great photo from the slopes. Mammoth Mountain does a great job of making followers feel welcome and a real part of the organization.

Health & Wellness: Vive Organic

Though they’re in one of the most competitive spaces around, Vive Organic really stands out as a brand on social media. 

Specifically, they:

  • Use social to provide customer service. Just check out their Twitter for the proof. The brand is constantly answering questions, addressing concerns and helping customers 24-7. They use social media as an extension of their customer service department.

  • They give you a peek behind the curtains. Vive’s social streams have plenty of images of products and customers using their products, but they also give you a glimpse behind the scenes. The brand regularly posts photos of employees, shots around the office and content directly from their team members. It’s a great way to foster brand loyalty – both inside and out of the organization.
  • They push the envelope with captions. Vive’s posts – particularly on Instagram – really get fun and personal. They use emojis, a few carefully chosen curse words, and short, snappy sentences. They show off the unique voice that is Vive Organic.

Fashion: Live Fit Apparel

Live Fit – a fitness apparel brand based out of Long Beach – does a great job of promoting a lifestyle on its social streams, rather than just a product or piece of clothing.

They also:

  • Heavily rely on influencers. They’re always reposting content from existing customers and their gear, and they even sponsor “Live Fit athletes” who use their own streams to share the brand’s products and clothing. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest (and most effective) outreach strategies around today.

Live Fit Apparel 1Live Fit Apparel 2

  • They show real life. Live Fit’s imagery isn’t all posed and professional. It shows their gear in real-life situations – at the gym, on real bodies and in action. They also highlight customers with all sorts of lifestyles and interests – just another way to make the brand more relatable to a bigger audience.
  • They maximize functionality. Live Fit uses social platforms to their fullest. Just take their Facebook for example, where you can literally shop and purchase Live Fit gear right on the page. Staying on top of the capabilities of each social platform is crucial to maximizing your results. You might even consider using a chatbot to engage and converse with your customers on Facebook.

Inspire Your Own Social Efforts

Want to improve your brand’s social media strategies? Then follow organizations like these – as well as key competitors in your industry — on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for inspiration. And be sure to contact our team. We’ll help you craft a customized, ground-up social content just for your brand.

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